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Life Cycle UK

Life Cycle UK

About Life Cycle UK Life Cycle UK is an independent organisation and registered charity (1077575) that has been working since 1999 to transform lives through cycling. Why cycling Our experience is that cycling can be a fantastic agent for positive change: cycling improves physical and mental health, enables people on low incomes to access jobs and services, helps people who are lonely or isolated to engage better with community life and helps young people on their journey to independence. It also promotes stronger communities and sustainable living, as well as delivering wider benefits to the environment. We offer practical help and support to enable people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to cycle. This includes cycle training, maintenance training, supported bike rides; access to affordable refurbished bikes and more. Background to Life Cycle UK We employ 8 full-time-equivalent staff, have a network of 20 freelance cycle instructors and mechanics; 8 Trustees and over 60 volunteers. We have contracts with the local authority to provide cycle training to encourage more people to cycle. In addition, we have a number of charitable projects such Bike Back our project supporting prisoners to learn mechanical skills and Bike Minded that supports people with mental health issues to improve their mental well being through cycling.
Company name: Life Cycle UK
Telephone number: 0117 353 4580

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