Backcountry Research now available through

Kieran Howells
Backcountry Research now available through

it has been announced that as of August, Backcountry Research products are now available in the UK through

Backcountry Research is a Montana-based cycling brand specialising in saddle and frame mounts. Currently ranging four products, Cyclorise is supplying:

Race Strap – Attach an MTB inner tube, Co2 and tyre levers to your saddle rails. Five colours and compatible with dropper posts. £15.99

Camrat Strap – Like the Race Strap, but slightly shorter for road inner tubes. £14.99

Hypalon Mutherload – Attach your tube, Co2, Allen keys and more to any tube on your frame. £18.99

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Super 8 Frame Mount – mounts to your top tube and allows almost anything to be carried (jacket, gloves, GPS etc). £16.99

A representative from the distributor said: "We at Cyclorise are so pleased to represent the brand in the UK due to Backcountry Research’s exceptional hand-made quality and design."

Explore the range here:

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