Bicycle Association releases Bike Hub spending totals

Bicycle Association releases Bike Hub spending totals

The Bicycle Association of Great Britain has released information on where and how Bike Hub levy funds were spent in 2015 and 2016

British Cycling’s Go Ride youth cycling scheme was the largest recipient, receiving £375,000 over the two years in question. Sustrans received £60,000 in 2015 for its Big Pedal schools cycling competition. Bike Week was supported in 2015 with £15,925, which was spent on event insurance enabling the organization of hundreds of cycling events around the UK.

In 2016, the London Cycling Campaign received £15,000 to help organise a hustings for the London mayoral contest, eventually won by Labour’s Sadiq Khan.

Across both years Modeshift STARS was funded to the tune of £20,000. This behaviour-change project works with local authorities on sustainable travel at schools.

In 2015, Carlton Reid was paid £20,559 to populate the Bike Hub website with content, provide tech support for the Bike Hub cycle satnav app and produce videos such as the “how to overtake cyclists” film. In 2016, he was paid £8,030. (Reid founded BikeBiz magazine in the 1990s and sold it to Intent Media in 2006; he was retained as “executive editor”, a freelance role he still has.)

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The Bike Hub cycle satnav app – which, unlike other navigation apps, can route cyclists on bike paths – was rebuilt in 2016 by Tinderhouse of Canterbury, which was paid £18,658.

There were also auditing and accountancy fees of £1,992 across both years. In 2015, freelance journalist Laura Laker, who has also written articles for BikeBiz magazine, was paid £200 for a piece on the many cycle cafes around the UK.

Bicycle Association operations director Steve Garidis said a report on Bike Hub’s achievements since it was created in 2004 will be published within a few weeks.

A BAGB statement said: "Details of income and expenditure for Bike Hub are available from its inception in 2004 to 2014 as part of the abbreviated accounts of the Bicycle Association, filed with Companies House, and accessible online. However due to an accounting oversight, the Bike Hub figures were not included when the 2015 accounts were filed. The relevant sections have now been produced."


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