Big plugs

Which? magazine with millions of subscribers features folding bikes in the September 1999 issue. The piece is overwhelmingly positive and recommends the Brompton T5 and the Ridgeback Tailwind. Four IBDs get a special plug for being folding bike specialists: Avon Valley Cyclery (Bath), Bicycle Doctor (Manchester), Cycle Heaven (York) and Phoenix Cycles (London). The Which website has links to two of these shops and four folding bike companies,


The September 5th issue of Personal, the Sunday Mirror TV and lifestyle supplement with a readership of millions carried a full page plug for family cycling when one of its columnists, Jane Gordon, described her conversion from cyclist-hating motorist to born again bicycle bore. She says her life has been transformed by a birthday gift of a Pashley Princess. This sort of publicity for cycling is priceless. More please...!

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