Bob Elliot announce warehouse expansion

Hayley E. Ferguson
Bob Elliot announce warehouse expansion

BikeBiz has received news from Chorley-based industry wholesaler Bob Elliot that its warehouse floor space has been expanded by over 30 per cent.

This exciting development is set to provide staff with two extra offices and, of course, much more room for expansion which will facilitate the company's continued growth. According to director Paul Elliot, he is anticipating that the extension will help with daily operations, including an improved goods in/goods out process, which in turn will provide the customer with an even more efficient service in receipt of deliveries. Bob Elliot plans on bringing in more brands over the coming months, as well as setting up new helmets, computers and luggage which have recently arrived at the facilities. 

In just a few months, the wholesaler has already populated a large percentage of the extra warehouse space by bringing in higher stock levels from existing brands, whilst making available space for even more new makes. The aim is to continue providing the best customer service in the industry; maintaining outstanding stock levels at competitive pricing is key in that objective.

The extra office space will allow employees to advance their sales and customer service teams later this year, and will have the added benefit of providing a more comfortable environment for holding meetings. They are very excited by this expansion, and firmly believe it will help them progress further in their aim of providing the highest quality service possible for their customers in the future.

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