Bobbin the shop becomes Bobbin the brand

Carlton Reid
Bobbin the shop becomes Bobbin the brand

Bobbin-brand bicycles will soon be available to other bike shops not just the Bobbin boutique-style cycle shop in London. Evans have pre-ordered and will be the first UK retail chain to carry the Bobbin line.

Bobbin's take on the classic Dutch bike has led to acres of coverage in lifestyle and women's magazines. The bikes were sourced from Sam Safa of Bronx and it is Bronx which will be distributing the new line of Bobbin bicycles, all made in Taiwan. 

Existing Bronx dealers can buy from stock from next week. Bronx and Bobbin will be showing the range at Eurobike and Interbike.

The Bobbin line comprises five models with a vintage 1970s feel. Bobbin will be represented in the US and Canada by Fourth Floor Distribution and in Australia by Melbourne-based Pedalista.

Bobbin Bicycles was founded in 2007 and sold Dutch-style roadsters - and quirky kit - to ‘non-sporty’ cyclists. 47 percent of the cyclists in London are women, and now more and more are on traditional roadsters.

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Bobbin resented bikes not as sports equipment but as lifestyle accessories. Bobbin's customer base is 80 percent female. 
The new wholesale range has steel frames, hub gears, covered chains, mudguards and racks. There are brightly-coloured step-throughs and a 20” wheel shopper, all with a 1970s feel. 

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