CEP launches award-winning WingTech Shirt

Hayley E. Ferguson
CEP launches award-winning WingTech Shirt

Winner of the ISPO 2016 Innovation Award, the new CEP WingTech Shirt officially launches in the UK this month.

The product is designed to help improve posture, comfort, and performance. Available for men and women in green, black and white, in sizes XS-XXXL, the shirt retails at £50.00.

Used by professional athletes the world over, CEP’s new design includes small activation contact points that provide sensorimotoric stimulation for better posture. Greater body efficiency and ergonomic posture not only helps to stabilise the back muscles, but the technology aims to prevent misalignment, aid in breathing, and reduce the risk of injury.

CEP intends to put an end to the discomfort that poor posture can cause many athletes during training and their daily lives. The designers of the WingTech Shirt aspire to help promote greater body efficiency, maximising sporting performance. The brand is proud to be launching what they believe to be a truly unique product, and promise significant health and wellbeing benefits.”

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