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Industrial designer Barnaby Edwards wants to hear from bike companies wanting some design expertise. He emailed us with some background on his company and the kind of projects hes looking for:

We are a product design consultancy based in West Sussex and we would like information on companies based in this country who are developing cycling kit [because] we would like to work for/with them.
We have successfully completed products for manufacturers in other sports sectors, these are selling and performing extremely well.

The companies we want..
a.. must be based in UK (preferably south ish)
b.. preferably manufacture in UK (ok if some is done abroad)
c.. must have a range of 3 products or more
d.. examples of products we would like to work on are:
drinking bottles/racks; lights; tools; helmets; grips/shifters; bike carrying racks for cars; bags/luggage; eye wear/protection.

For details email:

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