East London based Vel-Oh launches Kickstarter campaign

Kieran Howells
East London based Vel-Oh launches Kickstarter campaign

East London based fashion and accessory brand Vel-Oh is currently crowd-funding for a new range of cycle inspired bags. 

The husband and wife team have now launched the second range through Kickstarter, and plan to release a new line which will follow in the same style as the previous range.

Zuful Iqbal, co-founder of the company, said: "The aim is to raise enough capital to bring these new products to the market. We have taken the 'made In..'  to the next level, by not only designing but creating every bag ourselves under the tagline…Created by us, to be worn by you.

The brand has already showcased ranges at Spin Ldn, BerlinFarradschau and Eroica Britannia. You can find the link to the Vel-Oh Kickstarter page here.

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