Evans Cycles ceases advertising in Daily Mail and other "hate" media

Carlton Reid
Evans Cycles ceases advertising in Daily Mail and other

"We’ve now blacklisted any advertising placements on Daily Mail, Sun and Express," a spokesperson for Evans Cycles has told a would-be customer. "The content highlighted on these outlets go against our core values as a business," continued the spokesperson.

The promise to block right-wing newspapers from sites on which its adverts appear came after Stu Moran forwarded Evans' name to "Stop Funding Hate", an online pressure group.

There was an immediate fillip for Evans: Twitter users said they would now shop in Evans Cycles again.

"You just got a customer back," said "oscarfranklin", who said he was a  "former triathlete, multi-modal commuter" with "8-12 bikes depending how you count!"

Chris Gerhard wrote: "I will be shopping with you very soon. Thank you."

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TV personality and writer Cameron McNeish said: "Well done ... In that case I'll support you by buying from you whenever I can."


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