EVELO announces the release of the OMNI wheel

Kieran Howells
EVELO announces the release of the OMNI wheel

US brand EVELO has announced the release of the OMNI wheel, and claim the new system has the ability to convert any bike into an e-bike in just thirty minutes.

The electric conversion wheel is controlled via a throttle and provides a boost up to 17 miles per hour. A single 350W / 24V battery charge provides up to a 40 mile range. The Omni Wheel fits the motor, battery, and controller inside the wheel, and the band say that the system should be compatible for a very wide array of bikes from city bikes to MTB.

The current battery life is 750 cycles which can be charged in four hours if using the 8.7Ah Battery or nine hours for the 14.5Ah Battery.


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The wheel currently retails at $999 in the US, and more information can be found here

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