GT bicycles launches 2017 BMX freestyle product line

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GT bicycles launches 2017 BMX freestyle product line

GT Bicycles, a premium brand of Dorel Industries has announced the global launch of its all-new line of freestyle BMX bikes at 50/50 Skatepark in Staten Island, New York.

Fully revamped for model year 2017, the new line pays homage to GT’s roots in freestyle BMX with throwback graphics and modernised parts. This collection showcases the brand’s commitment to the sport and highlights the diverse personalities of its freestyle athletes. 

GT product manager Ben Ward worked closely with the GT BMX Freestyle Team, including Brian Kachinsky (BK), Rob Wise, and Jason Phelan,  to design the new product line from the ground up. Ward gave new life to old favorites such as the 26” 1986 GT Performer and updated the Four Piece Bar, Low Profile LP-5 Tires, and Power Series Alloy and Cr-Mo Cranks. 

“I’m excited to show the new line,” said Ward. “Working with the team has been fun, and finding a way to recognize GT’s heritage while still moving the brand forward has been a welcome challenge.” 

2017 Model Year Highlights:

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Team Signature Series

Inspired by BK’s, Jason Phelan’s, and Rob Wise’s personal rides, the Signature Series bikes are designed for both appearance and performance. 

Key Features:

            •          100% Cr-Mo frame, fork and bar

            •          GT CNC BK elevated stem

            •          Sealed alloy 9T free coaster

            •          20" wheels


Team Comp Series

The Team Comp Series' intent is to give riders the confidence they need to learn the foundations of BMX.

Key Features:

            •          Cr-Mo front triangles and seat stays

            •          Sealed female front hubs

            •          GT four-piece handle bars on BK model

            •          20" wheels

Team Series

Classic-looking replicas of BK, Wise, and Phelan's personal bikes are durable enough to let the rider push the limits of their abilities.

Key Features:

            •          Cr-Mo front triangles

            •          GT pivotal seats

            •          Sealed front hub and rear cassette

            •          20" wheels


Performer Series

The Performer is the oldest name in GT freestyle history. The bike is modeled after the classic GT design from 1986.

Key Features:

            •          Updated frame fork and bar

            •          Sealed front hub on 20” & 26” models

            •          Iconic ‘86 Performer 26” model

            •          Wheel sizes in 26” 20” 18” & 16”



A low-maintenance, technique-driven bike, the Slammer is designed to be durable enough to take the abuse that comes with dialing in skills. 

Key Features:

            •          Updated frame fork and bar

            •          GT Power Series Cr-Mo 3 PC cranks

            •          New topload stem

            •          20” wheels

At the CSG show this weekend, the UK line will be launched along with GT BMX pro Jason Phelan. Phelan will be here building up his new signature pro bike, and dealers will get the chance to meet and talk through the products with him. The UK line includes the Phelan Team and Phelan Team Comp bikes, which dealers will be able to pre-order at the show.

Signature bikes herald the new direction of GT as a freestyle BMX brand, with a full line available from £279 for the entry level Performer to £399 for the top of the line Phelan Team Comp.

For more information, call CSG UK on 01202 732288 and speak to Mark Noble, BMX Category Manager. To learn more about GT, its pro riders and the bikes they ride, visit Check out GT Bicycles on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube, and follow GT BMX Freestyle on Twitter and Instagram

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