How to buy eight bikes for $2

Mark Sutton
How to buy eight bikes for $2

BikeBiz lifts the lid on what could be the best deal on the internet...

BikeBiz has today discovered what we believe to be the best deal on the internet, particularly if you like both bicycles and spending entire days weeks in front of a computer screen.

Sadly for the independent trade, an online retailer has already beaten you to the post with this money spinning idea - virtual bicycles. That retailer is the Second Life Marketplace where you can grab eight bicycles for just $2.01.

The seller says of the bikes: "Spring and Summer are all about being outside and what better way to explore Second Life, than to do it riding a bike? The Chelsea Bicycles set includes eight bicycles - one plain non-basket set and one set with a cute decorated basket, with flowers, groceries and a notebook decor. Each bicycle comes in four colours: pink, aqua blue, green and red."


This is a real thing, that people pay real money for, right here on planet Earth. One happy customer posted a review stating: "This bike is high quality, only took a few minutes to adjust it to my avatar, and I've been riding around everywhere I go. Great Bike!"

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Another said: "A very cute bike. I liked it so much I bought one for my husband."

Are we in the bicycle trade missing a trick? Is there scope for virtual chamois cream and clip in shoes BikeBiz wonders...

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