Infineum teams up with EQ-Bikes

Jonathon Harker
Infineum teams up with EQ-Bikes

British electric bike firm Infineum has entered into a three-year contract with Holland-based EQ-Bikes.

The partnership marks Infineums first step onto the continent, where it will produce a bicycle suitable for the Benelux market using the patented Infineum stackable battery system with EQ-Bikes.

Founded by Rene van Wijngaarden and Dick can Steeg, EQ Bikes produces high-end electric bikes to Benelux.

“The European market, and in particular the Benelux region provides a huge potential for electric bicycle sales,” enthused Infineum MD Wazz Mughal. “EQ-Bikes has the knowledge of the marketplace in this region, and has advised us on what is needed to make a successful product for this market based on our existing patented technology.

“We have now settled on a design, have signed a distribution agreement, and are very excited at the future business opportunities that the Infineum/EQ-Bikes partnership can explore.”

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