Keep road closed to motors, argues Haringey Cycling Campaign

Carlton Reid
Keep road closed to motors, argues Haringey Cycling Campaign

Wightman Road, a residential road in Haringey, north London, should be kept traffic-free after bridge works have finished, argue campaigners. The B-road is usually treated as an A-road by motorists and the local authority but following its closure for bridge-works residents have discovered its tranquil side. 

Air quality has improved since the closure took effect in April and the largely traffic-free route has provided a "huge boost" for walking and cycling, say two campaign groups. Haringey Cycling Campaign and Living Wightman have joined forces to lobby for the local authority to keep Wightman Road closed after the bridge works have finished. 

"The impact on the local community of drastically reducing the 120,000 cars and vans which used this road every week has been a literal breath of fresh air," said a joint press release from the two organisations. Living Wightman is a campaign group made up of residents seeking a "safer, healthier and happier future" for those living on or near the road.

Earlier today the two organisations hosted a "bike breakfast" to celebrate Bike Week.

A statement from Haringey Cyclists said:  "A safe, low-traffic Wightman Road could provide a key part of a strategic cycle route connecting Haringey with Barnet and Enfield to the north, Hackney and Islington to the south, and beyond. It’s been great to celebrate Bike Week on Wightman Road, and inspirational to hear stories from local people of how removing through motor traffic from this road has transformed their lives for the better."

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