LOOK at the Rio Olympic Games

Kieran Howells
LOOK at the Rio Olympic Games

Look will be present at the Olympic Games in Rio in all cycling disciplines: track cycling, road cycling, triathlon and Cross-Country MTB. 

For the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio, LOOK has chosen to maximize the existing parameters of the L96 (bike launched for the London 2012 Olympic Games) to bring the bike of our athletes closer to perfection. The R96 will be an exceptional track bike, the peak in terms of technological outcomes. All the components were designed and developed to be integrated and to interact together. 

LOOK is also a partner of the Canadian Federation, the Malaysian Federation with Azizul Awang, the German Federation with Kristina Vogel, 2016 Speed World Champion and Maximilian Lévy. For the Sprint trials, LOOK supplies various countries like Japan, Poland, Brazil, Spain and Russia with Denis Dmitriev (Individual Speed Bronze Medal during the last World Championships in 2016). 

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