Majority of ActSmart subscribers to 'vote leave'

Kieran Howells
Majority of ActSmart subscribers to 'vote leave'

ActSmart's poll of independent leisure retailers suggests the majority will be voting for Britain to leave the EU.

Some 61.54% of respondents to our online poll said the UK should leave the European Union, with 34.62% voting to remain and just 3.85% still undecided.

This is in contrast to most national polls, which have suggested most will vote remain in the referendum (a ComRes poll on May 19 found 52% in favour of remain, 41% for Leave and 7% undecided).

It seems that the size of a business has a lot to do with their views on the upcoming referendum. The centre for retail research suggests that 96% of larger businesses (including retailers) want to stay in the EU, whereas less than half of SMEs shared the same view (47%).

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A study published last month discovered that two-thirds (65%) of businesses have done no preparation at all for an ‘Out' vote and only 2% of businesses considered their preparations to be "extensive."

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