Primal launches Autumn Winter range for 2016

Kieran Howells
Primal launches Autumn Winter range for 2016

Primal Europe has announced the release of the new Autumn Winter range for 2016.  

Judith Smith Director at Primal Europe, said: “We are super excited to see the public response to the entire range, with colours to brighten any British winter, this will make your next café stop much more interesting.


Pictured: Spectre Long Sleeve Heavyweight

Pictured: Lane Change Long sleeve HeavyWeight

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Pictured: Dhara Long Sleeve Heavyweight

Pictured: Trance Long Sleeve HeavyWeight

Not only has Primal launched a large range of Winter products it has also has increased its offerings of accessories. 

Pictured: Primal Armwarmers with matching caps now available 

Further information about Primal’s Custom & Inline range can be found here:  

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