Raleigh in the spotlight

We have no control over the content of the bulletin board. It's up to our website readers to shape the BBS. Perhaps a Raleigh bod (and we know some important ones read this site daily) would like to respond to Biro's (?) point?

The bulletin board is easy to use: it's just like using an email programme only you're broadcasting to the whole web not just one recipient.

To access the BBS, got to the BBS hyperlink underneath the Chat hyperlink. Both are just below the cartoon on the main page.

Here's a good use for the live chat page. Say you want to have an email discussion with three or four people at once (or more) you could all arrange to go into a 'chat room' at a designated time. This sort of thing used to be the domain of angst-ridden teenagers venting their spleens but now businesses in America are using it as an everyday tool. It's cheap, it's instant, it's private.

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