Ride with SOLE

Hayley E. Ferguson
Ride with SOLE

Performance footbed specialist SOLE has created what they believe to be a solution for cyclists, with a range of footbeds offering orthopaedic support and correct foot alignment.

The product encourages better performance for those for whom racing and speed are important, also promoting greater foot comfort on and off the bike. According to SOLE, their footbeds have been shown to reduce the inward twisting of the knee and ankle when cycling, consequently reducing pain and discomfort in the knees and hips. Meanwhile, the footbed arch support and heel cup can help reduce plantar fascia strain when pushing down on the pedal.

Pro-mountain bike and cyclo-cross champion Nick Craig asserted that other footbeds he had tried were not strong enough to support his high arch. "They are never going to withstand the abuse I give my feet; I have to race and train in horrendously muddy conditions in winter, and humid ones in summer. SOLE products are so well made they withstand all of this abuse."

The Thin Sport Custom Footbeds are aimed at cyclists, being well-suited to low-volume footwear such as cycling shoes. SOLE recommends pairing their footbeds with a proper bike fit for maximum overall performance. SOLE Thin Sport Custom Footbeds retail at £38, and are available from their website and selected specialist cycle shops.

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