Swen Lauer and Hendrik Neubauer partner up in new company CONSAX

Hayley E. Ferguson
Swen Lauer and Hendrik Neubauer partner up in new company CONSAX

Located in Cologne, Swen Lauer and Hendrik Neubauer, both of whom have been active in the bike sector for many years, agreed in early 2016 to undertake a new project together: CONSAX.

With more than twenty-five years of experience as bicycle and product developer, Swen Lauer rose to prominence with high-end custom brand PUREPOWER Bicycles, known for frames and components. His experiences in the bicycle industry as a developer, professional athlete, and UCI cycling coach is an asset to CONSAX. Company founder Hendrik Neubauer's eleven years in the industry have seen a focus on project and product management, legal consultation, and standard compliant commercialization of EPAC/pedelecs, as well as services related to purchasing and sales. 

CONSAX offers product development and design services – and plastic injection moulding – with a portfolio that includes pedelec motor covers, along with other products related to bicycles and electric mobility. The team prides themselves in offering creative and innovative solutions and rapid production and project implementation. Clients receive a customer-friendly package, which includes assistance in project management, engineering, production, and distribution.


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