Twicycle: all four limbs power this 2WD bike

Kieran Howells
Twicycle: all four limbs power this 2WD bike

Twicycle, a prototype bike that allows cyclists to propel themselves forward in upright position using either arms, legs or both, has been generating interest on social media.

By adding propulsion system to the front of a bicycle, the brand says it addresses the needs of cyclists who want to get the same workout for their upper body as for their legs. 

Test trials revealed that average person (non-professional cyclist) can ride Twicycle right away. A chest pad on the front of the bike provides full upper body support while cycling with arms, as well as shielding cyclist from the front chainring. Dual propulsion provides additional traction on rough terrain and also allows cyclist to rest one part of their body while cycling with the other.

The inventor of Twicycle is Boyan Rista came up with the idea while vacationing in mountains. “I love cycling, but I wanted a product that would allow me to workout my upper body in addition to my lower body, all while sightseeing. After research on the Internet revealed no affordable, commercially-available product, I decided to create one myself”, says Rista.

Rista entered into partnership with his brother, Goran, who brought in his skills in marketing and media production. They enlisted their youngest sibling, Sneza, to help with website design and social media outreach.

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