UK dealers sought for the ElliptiGO Bike

Jonathon Harker
UK dealers sought for the ElliptiGO Bike

ElliptiGO is looking for new UK and EU dealers for its unconventional 'elliptical bike'.

A regular on the bike show circuit, the ElliptiGO Bike was originally developed to help runners train without any impact on their joints. Now in its third year of trading, the product is becoming a cycling category of its own where it doesn't compete with conventional cycles and potentially opens business to a new consumer group.

Pitched at cyclists, runners and fitness enthusiasts, the ElliptiGO combines conventional cycling with the fitness benefits of running to create an impact-free experience for cyclists and runners prone to injuries of the knees, lower back or neck.

Despite its unconventional appearance, ElliptiGO has been successfully taken on the longest and toughest cycling events in both the UK and USA, the brand told us. It added that in excess of 350 cycle retailers in the USA and Europe have already embraced the ElliptiGO in the past three years and the elliptical bike marketplace is still in its infancy.

To find out more about the ElliptiGO, or to arrange a test ride, contact Idai Makaya on or call 07773818821.

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