Vittoria Industries acquires shares in Zehus

Kieran Howells
Vittoria Industries acquires shares in Zehus

It has been announced that Vittoria and Zehus will work together to enhance the development of new power technologies for e-bikes.

Zehus is a Milan-based startup with a direct connection to the Polytechnic University (Politecnico di Milano).

“Rather than simply a plug-powered recharging mechanism, humans will need to use and recharge energy as they ride, for the most eco-friendly solution”, says Rudie Campagne, Chairman and President of Vittoria.

Together with Zehus, Vittoria will create a complete product offering, consisting of a smart wheel system (Zehus all-in-one system, built in a Vittoria wheel), complete with Vittoria Graphene tires, optimized as a match for green urban mobility.

In teaming up with Zehus, Vittoria will compliment its current product range of tires and wheels, with a smart wheel system. Out of the box, this system will be ready for installation on consumer bicycles, as well as on the assembly lines.

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Zehus and Vittoria will set up a new company (VZ Industries LTD) in Taiwan for the production of Zehus power units. The first Zehus hubs will exit the new Taiwanese production line in September 2016.

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