ENVE launches SES road tyre collection

ENVE has launched the SES road tyre collection. “Fundamental to our success at ENVE has been developing rim shapes that work optimally with the best tyres on the market,” said aerodynamicist Simon Smart. “That has led to constant evolution in rim shape over the last ten years, some of which …

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Olympia unveils EX 900 Sport

Olympia has launched the EX 900 Sport, a long-range e-MTB. The frame is made of aluminium and the EX 900 Sport can accommodate multiple wheel sizes (29in at the front, 27.5in or 29in at the rear). The flip chip allows the bike geometry to be adjusted to the user’s requirements, …

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83% of UK ‘picked up cycling again due to lockdown’

83% of people have picked up cycling again as a result of lockdown, research by Cyclescheme has found. The study, which coincides with Cycle to Work Day, explored how lockdown has impacted mental health and the nation’s hobbies with cycling topping the resurgence charts, followed by reading (82%) and yoga …

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LEVA-EU board member Eddie Eccleston appointed SBS-expert

LEVA-EU board member Eddie Eccleston has been appointed as a Small Business Standards (SBS)-expert by the SBS organisation. SBS is mandated by the European Commission to watch over SME-interests in European standardisation through the appointment of dedicated experts. In his position as SBS-expert, Eccleston will help drive better rules for …

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COVID-19: A life-changing moment

Rebecca Morley explores how COVID-19 will impact the way we travel in the UK In just a matter of months, COVID-19 has changed a decade’s worth of habits, even our most entrenched ones. More and more people are turning to cycling for their commutes and exercise, prompting local authorities to …

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