When researching an is-it-a-scam website Brant Richards of Bikemagic.com found the quashing of a web-rumour saying Red Bull contains a dangerous stimulant created by the U.S. government which has been linked to the formation of brain tumours.

A load of (Red) Bull

Go to http://www.snopes.com/…/redbull.htm. If you get any customers asking about Red Bulls safety youll know how to allay their fears.

The snopes site has this to say about the rumour:

What we have here is yet another baseless scare associated with a popular product. The Internet makes passing along such wild bits of scaremongering as easy as hitting a key on a keyboard, and because of this, ludicrous ‘facts’ about popular products leap from inbox to inbox in less than the blink of an eye. It’s reckless gossip of the high-speed variety, and it can prove exceedingly harmful to companies struggling to maintain hard-earned market share.

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