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Association to run regional skillsmart retail trials

Act/ActSmart unveils new retail skills training

The ACT/ActSmart is planning to boost retail expertise through a new programme of retail skills launched with skillsmart retail – an organisation seen as an exemplar in the field of skills development by the Government.

ActSmart subscribers will be able to benefit from the training, which includes Mary Portas retail workshops for business management.

ActSmart is establishing regional trials of the courses and other skillsmart retail offerings over the coming months.

"Our aim is to create a comprehensive retail skills programme with a national delivery structure, which we can link to our retail channel specific programmes and accredit accordingly,” stated Jonathan Harrison of ActSmart. “This will allow us to increase retail skills levels, rewarding business and individuals for investing in their future."

For more information contact info@actsmart.biz. There’s also more info here.

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