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Nicking or, as we prefer to call it, adapting ideas from other industries is part and parcel of commercial life. If an idea works well in one sphere it should work well in another. So, heres a cracking idea weve adapted from a scooter retailer...

Advertise that bikes are best

The Wolverhampton motorbike shop Scooter Commuter commissioned local ad agency, Connect, to promote its wares to the local populace [as spotted in Adline, July 2000].

Connect came up with the bright idea of getting scooter drivers to be seen darting through rush hour traffic sporting jackets that stressed this nippiness through traffic.

Of course, bikes are even faster through town so IBDs could borrow this idea and get some t-shirts and jackets made up with their own slogans and logos.

Why wait for commuter challenges once a year during National Bike Week, get your bike commuting staff to wear the bikes are quickest garments and give them away to key customers too. This is a cheap, year round below the line promotion that targets congestion-choked motorists with a serious and life-enhancing message.

And you havent had to pay an agency to come up with the idea for you!

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