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On this site last month, and in the November print magazine, a whole load of cycle trade success stories were given prominence. Such as the record October's both Specialized and Trek had experienced, almost globally. Such as Dahon's increased sales and bullish forecasts for 2002. Such as Tandem paying down its debts with positive first half of 2001 trading figures. On the downside, I may have mentioned - in passing, you understand - the Chapter 11 of the Derby Cycle Corporation as one of the less positive stories of the year. However, the former president of that Corporation, takes issue with that assessment because Raleigh Cycle Ltd., the company which bought DCC's brands , owes its existence to optimism...

Alan Finden-Crofts reckons he’s VERY upbeat about future prospects

Alan Finden-Crofts, now the president of Raleigh Cycle Ltd. wrote to BicycleBusiness:

"Further to your November issue of BicycleBusiness, Raleigh Cycle are most optimistic concerning the future of the world-wide bicycle industry.

"What can be stronger evidence than management actually buying leading bicycle companies in the UK, Germany and North America: putting their money where their mouth is. Although our sales in November were below last year in the UK and Germany, our sales in America were 118 percent of last year, and our orders in the UK were 120 percent of last year, in Germany 159 percent and in America 119 percent."

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