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The Wal-mart of the web has bought a stake in www.kozmo.com, a US site which uses bicycle couriers to deliver convenience goods "to your door within an hour"

Amazon.com buys into pedal power

On Monday, Amazon.com of Seattle invested $60 million in Kozmo.com as part of a deal allowing it to use the online convenience store’s cycle courier fleet to deliver some Amazon products within an hour.

Kozmo.com says it was the first company to deliver all of your entertainment and convenience needs directly from the Internet to your door, desk or dorm in less than an hour!

It delivers within the city boundaries of five US cities so far and is looking to add more cities over time. Items delivered to your door within an hour include milk, cookies, CDs, rental videos, or even single copies of magazines. Delivery is free and pedal-powered.

Kozmo.com was started in 1997 by Joseph Park and Yong Kang from a small warehouse in Greenwich Village, New York as an online video delivery service, creating a super-fast e-commerce fulfillment system.

Kozmo.com is still headquartered in New York City and currently services New York, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C.

We’ll be in Los Angeles and Chicago shortly and expect to expand to 30 locations by the end of 2000, says CEO Joe Park.

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