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Not surprisingly, the bids are now tailing off so the auction will be closed soon. If any IBDs want this unique jersey for shop-display, they'd better get in quickly...

Armstrong’s autographed Trek jersey reaches £365 ($565)

This charity auction still has another 13 days to run but with the bids slowing down, it’s probably best to quit while we’re ahead.

The last few bids have been from UK-based merchant banker types, with lots of disposable income.

BikeBiz.co.uk has been in touch with the top five bidders, four of whom seem genuine. All proceeds from the jersey sale will go to CTC’s Cyclists’ Defence Fund.

Bid for the jersey at: http://www.bikebiz.co.uk/…/auction.php?id=2

The auction closes at 10pm on Thursday 24th October.

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