Australian transport authorities launch cycling and walking push

Western Australia’s Department of Transport’s acting integrated transport planning executive director Craig Wooldridge has pushed for the creation of the new body, Cycling and Walking Australia and New Zealand.

“We all know the benefits of cycling and walking to the general community,” said Wooldridge.

“As leading traffic and transport practitioners, we know that as our cities become more congested, cycling and walking will be pivotal.

“In order to achieve tangible outcomes, we felt that a national approach was needed to ensure that innovation is enabled and learnings and knowledge are shared.

“Proactive countries have been able to achieve outcomes by taking courageous and strategic approaches that have changed how cities function.

“Australia and New Zealand must embrace the learnings from other countries in order to create the cities that the public are expecting and in many cases are demanding.”

We Ride Australia’s director for national advocacy Stephen Hodge has been integral to the development of the new body as part of the working group to establish the new structure and strategic objectives, and he said: “A key aspect of the new body was to enable greater representation from national stakeholder groups,

“There will be five representatives from national stakeholders and another three local government representatives ensuring a broad and diverse range of views can be heard,

“We know that while there are nearly 4 million Australians who cycle regularly, many more would consider it if there we more convenient, safer and separated routes for cycling and walking,

“’Cycling and Walking Australia and New Zealand’ is a key initiative to help boost cycling and walking as an integral element of liveable, healthy and productive communities, Hodge said.”

Applications from stakeholders are currently being considered by a panel for inclusion in the new body, with a first national meeting to be held in Melbourne in May.

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