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President Bush is expecting protests to greet him as he tours England on his State Visit, but will he be expecting quite so many bikes? Yep, the loose coalition of anti-GM, anti-war, anti-American, anti-globalisation protesters will be staging a number of Critical Mass bike rides to express their feelings. PLUS: calling London IBDs, here's where the protest marches and bike rides will be taking place...

Beating Bush with bikes

Wednesday is ‘Resist Bush’ day and, according to street-protest websites, the day will kick off with a Critical Mass bike ride starting at Waterloo Bridge at 10.30am. So, watch out on the telly for lots of lovely pictures of loopy cyclists (well, that’s how the media will portray them).


At 11am there’s an ‘Alternative State Procession (Stop the War) Cavalcade’ with "cyclists, taxi drivers, scooter clubs etc. following an open carriage." Not sure to many taxi drivers will take part, mind…

At midday, there’s a street party on Malet Street, just outside the University of London Union.

"Bring costumes, agit-prop, bikes and fun, for a good old fashioned street party."

There’s another Critical Mass planned for Thursday: "18.00 – Critical Mass to welcome George to town. Meet under Waterloo Bridge, bring noise makers, lights, sounds, love and energy."



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