Lavish documentary will get first public showing at Yorkshire's Tour de France welcoming Festival of Cycling.

‘Bicycle’ doc hits funding target; 71 hour pledge window remains

‘Bicycle’, a lavish documentary about cycling culture, has so far raised £13,698 in crowd-funding pledges, with the biggest pledge being £5000 to become an associate producer on the film. There are 71 hours left in which to pledge.

‘Bicycle’ is being produced by the team behind critically-acclaimed ‘Last Shop Standing’, a film about independent record shops.

The screening is to be held at Harewood House in July before the Tour de France Grand Depart.

Piper’s 2012 documentary ‘Last Shop Standing’ was about the UK’s independent record shops, featuring interviews with Paul Weller, Johnny Marr and Billy Bragg, and received wide critical acclaim.

‘Bicycle’ had sought £10,000 from a public crowd-funding campaign. The film already has cash support from a number of bike trade sponsors, including the Bicycle Association.

Industry icon Gary Fisher is one of those interviewed in the film. Here he is seeking pledges for the doc:




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