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Thanks to those nice, clever people at Apple, BikeBiz.com will now populate a .Mac website with PDFs of the monthly BicycleBusiness magazine. The May mag was uploaded to a FTP-style 'public folder' last week but access was not straightforward for PC users. It now is...

BicycleBusiness to get PDF library

.Mac has been upgraded with lots of new features, including an excellent downloads page.

The May magazine is a 10.1mb PDF. Future issues will be twice this size, with better image resolution.

The PDFs could be uploaded to BikeBiz.com but the .Mac package is so whizzy it’s been decided to place the PDFs using .Mac’s new downloads feature.

So, ignore the convoluted download method featured here last week. All you need to do now is click through on this link:


You will need to use a password and that password is: presta

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