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A picture saves a thousand words? OK, here's a few thousand words saved on what bike kiddies were looking at, what the crowds were screaming for (BSX jumping and the now trademark scantily-clad females), and getting bums on saddles

Bike 2002: In pictures


Very few bikes-on-sticks at Bike 2002 (more than in previous years, mind) but those companies that chose to display products that weren’t actually for sale seemed to be doing just as well as the bargain basement stands. Here, two bike mad lads were oggling the kit on the Extra stand (which had some Felt BMXes on sticks, as well as plenty of sexy P&A).

MIDDLE TWO PIX: The BSX rounds sent pulses racing…hmm, and so did the lasses wearing black t-shirts and little else.

BASE: Public bike shows have got to get visitors enthused about cycling. The BMX ramps and the BMX flatland course, and the BSX dirt humps, were there to show off the skills of the experts, the Test Track was there to let punters ride the bikes the experts ride. Here, a Haro is being put through its paces by a lad who went round and round the test track humps, having to be forced to hand the thing back…

TOMORROW: the views of the new organisers and more new products from the show…

OTHER WEBSITES: For lots more show pix, and news on the various BSX-induced injuries, click over to http://www.singletrackworld.com

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