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The Periodical Publisher's Association - of which BikeBiz.co.uk is a member - organises regular seminars urging publishers to charge subscription fees for access to their news websites. BikeBiz could have gone down this route to guarantee the provision of news but, instead, a number of bike brands have paid on everybody's behalf.

Bike brands keep BikeBiz free

These bike brands now grace the top bar on this site and will do so for the full year of the subscription contract.

Move your cursor over the logos and you’ll see that each is linked to its own website.

The companies which have paid BikeBiz.co.uk in order for trade visitors to keep getting free access to the site are: Hot Wheels (GT); Scott; Orange; Specialized; Raleigh; Tandem (Falcon and Dawes); Giant; Saracen; and Trek.

The moolah is being invested straight back into the site, including paying for upgraded digital camera kit, on-the-move internet access gubbins, and an initiative which will be revealed next week…

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