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The You and Yours consumer programme will feature an interview with a bike shop employee and Mark Alker, one of the editors at Singletrack magazine. Background research for the feature was conducted by You and Yours producer Geoff Bird by using the index of 'bike shortages' article on BikeBiz.com. UPDATE: summary now online...

Bike famine to feature on Radio 4 today

The programme airs at 12 noon today.

The bike shop worker to be interviewed is Cris Bloomfield of Harry Hall Cycles in Manchester.

Over on Singletrackworld, Mark Alker has done his own index to the BikeBiz.com stories on the lack of Shimano parts and the likely impact this will have on summer sales of bicycles.



Cris Bloomfield said he’s not experienced any bike shortages and doesn’t envisage any delays until earlier next year because there are lots of suppliers…

Mark Alker gave good analysis of the problem, paying particular attention to the global shortage of Shimano parts.

The You and Yours presenter predicted there would be an increased demand for second-hand bikes.

You can listen to an archive of the programme if you have RealPlayer. Go here http://www.bbc.co.uk/…/listenagain.shtml and click on You and Yours. Fast forward to almost the end of the programme, 45 minutes in.

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