ACT/ActSmart January report reveals 17 per cent drop in overall core sales

Bike shop sales drop following winter weather

Last month saw the lowest turnover month in over a year for specialist cycle dealers, according to ACT/ActSmart’s latest research. Sales volumes reduced 35 per cent compared with December 2009, while overall core sales dropped 17 per cent compared with January 2009 like-for-like.

Over half of the businesses taking part in the survey reported that sales fell by more than 20 per cent compared like-for-like with January 2009.

The glum news was compounded with predictions of a tough month ahead for the sector.

The ACT/ActSmart said: “February is historically the lowest turnover month for the UK specialist cycle retail trade and following on from January’s shortfall, with more bad weather on the way, there are growing concerns that underperforming businesses could experience cash flow problems prior to Easter’s seasonal uplift.”

The report held some good news though. Almost a quarter of dealers reported sales growth in January, with 13 per cent seeing sales rise by more than 20 per cent.

A full summary of 2009’s trading is set to appear on the organisations site next month, but in the meantime it did reveal that Q4 2009 like-for-like sales growth was 11 per cent, while 2009 total year to date like-for-like sales growth was 5.7 per cent.

For more in-depth sales figures, head to ACT/ActSmart’s site here.

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