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Cyclemotion has embedded a formatted Excel price list in its classified ad on this site. Other companies could do the same with, say, PDFs of their catalogues, newsletters, pricelists or special offers. And, on the editorial side, if there’s demand, we’ll soon be offering Palm versions of our Diary Dates for instant download

Bikebiz.co.uk expands advertising options (and editorial will benefit)

Website adverts can include downloadable files. These must be Zipped or either PDFs or Excel files. So, you could place your full catalogue as a PDF on this site, or a formatted price list produced in Excel.

Contact Al Reid for further details.

Tel: 0191 285 4408.


On the editorial front, we’ve had requests for Palm downloads. We may offer the whole of B3 as such a download. Some of the editorial downloads will be free, others will need to be paid for. All payments will be via PayPal.com, a central payment clearance house.

If you have any ideas of any Palm downloads you’d like to see developed from our datasets, please email palm@bikebiz.co.uk.

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