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Since its launch in September 1999, members of the public have been denied access to the 'trade sensitive' parts of this site such as the daily news and the bulletin board. However, there are clearly some news stories which are not trade-sensitive, so the public part of the site will now carry a cut-down selection of the news stories from the main site.

BikeBiz.com goes public

Many consumer-facing websites already carry time-lagged ‘news feeds’ from BikeBiz.com so it makes sense to make these stories available to all.

The bulletin board and trade-sensitive news stories will remain off-limits, requiring access by passwords.

Despite so much of the site being trade-only to date, BikeBiz.com is one of the biggest bike sites in the UK. Earlier this year it was ranked third in the £4000-a-year Hitwise web popularity measuring statistics, beaten only by Singletrackworld.com and Bikemagic.com.

The BikeBizBible address directory and the always-packed-with-jobs SitsVac pages power the public-access parts of the site. And now, with regular news items, the site will become even more of a draw.

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