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The European Online journalism awards shortlist is, er, shorter than we thought. In the Business reporting section BikeBiz is only up against bbc.co.uk and dowjonesnews.com! And in the mobile connectivity section, BikeBiz.co.uk is the only British finalist!

BikeBiz versus the Beeb

You could have knocked me down with a feather! I thought there were going to be loads of finalists that made it to the shortlist for the European Online Journalism Awards but no, there are just three finalists in each category.

Business and Economics reporting

Site name: European Electricity Market Deregulation

Site URL: http://www.dowjonesnews.com/

Company: Dow Jones Europe

Country: UK

Site name: BBC NewsOnline Business Section

Site URL: http://news.bbc.co.uk/…/default.htm

Company: BBC

Country: UK

Site name: BicycleBusiness magazine

Site URL: http://www.bikebiz.co.uk

Company: BicycleBusines

Country: UK

Best use of mobile connectivity

Site name: ElectricNews.Net WAP service

Site URL: http://adlib.ie/enn/

Company: ElectricNews.net

Country: Republic of Ireland

Site name: BicycleBusiness WAP site

Site URL: http://www.bikebiz.co.uk/wap

Company: BicycleBusiness

Country: UK

Site name: Mount Everest Expedition

Site URL: http://www.everest.home.nl

Company: Essent @home

Country: The Netherlands


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