BORN and Team Giant-Alpecin have announced the release of two new nutrition bars: the Xtra bar, and the Flapjack Bar

BORN and Team Giant-Alpecin announce two new nutrition bars

BORN and Team Giant-Alpecin have announce the release of two new nutrition bars: the Xtra bar, and the Flapjack Bar.

The newly developed Xtra Bar Cranberry/Cocos brings a new flavour experience to the range of the BORN Xtra Bars. Just like the Xtra Bar Caramel introduced in 2015, this Xtra Bar has the 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio and it will not melt in hot weather circumstances. 

When a 2:1 mixture of glucose and fructose is ingested, there is less competition for intestinal absorption compared with the ingestion of an iso-energetic amount of glucose or fructose, two different intestinal transporters being involved. Fructose absorption is stimulated by the presence of glucose. This will increase the carbohydrate absorption to 90 g/hour instead of the normal 60g.

The other new bar is the Flapjack Bar Vanilla Flavour. This bar is still easy to chew, but has a complete different bite, based on oats. BORN commented that the 55g Flapjack Bar is one of the favourites within Team Giant-Alpecin.

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