Brand-X launches 200mm Ascend seatposts

Brand-X has launched the 200mm Ascend seatposts.

“The 200mm option isn’t just a longer version of what’s come before though, it marks a change to the entire Ascend line up,” said a statement. For 2020, Ascend and Ascend XL posts all see the following updates:

– Shaft diameter increased to Ø26mm. Improves stability and reduces flex, particularly important on the longer options now available
– Collar height reduced to 27mm, reducing overall stack height and opening up longer drop options for riders of small frame sizes
– Additional DU bushing in the mid-cap, and internal brass keys upgraded to smaller, lighter pins further improving performance and reliability
– Overall post lengths reduced, and weight saved on shorter models

The current line-up:

Ascend and Ascend XL: 30.9/31.6mm seatpost Ø – internal routing 125/150/170/200mm travel, external routing 125/150/170mm travel.

Ascend CX: 27.2mm seatpost Ø – internal routing 85/105mm travel, external routing 105mm travel.

Head to for more information. The distributor is offering free home delivery on all products, including PDI on bikes, with no minimum order value.

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