Giant's City Storm won the best bike of the show award at Taipei Cycle. The new Strida and Swivel-head folding bikes were runners up. All three bikes were designed by Brits.

Brit-designed bikes win top awards at Taipei show

Two of them were designed by the same man: Mark Sanders.

Sanders designed the original Strida nearly 20 years ago but it’s now produced by Ming Cycle of Taiwan and has benefitted from a great deal of product development under new ownership. The Strida is a huge seller in countries like South Korea.

Sanders has also developed Swivel-head folding bikes and these also won ‘best of show’ awards at Taipei Cycle, which finished yesterday. Sanders’ Swivel-head folding bikes launched at last year’s Taipei Cycle show.

The overall winner at this year’s event was Giant’s City Storm, an ‘integrated’ bike. This was designed by artist/designer Michael Young of Sunderland.

The City Storm is an integrated bike which features a front light built into a sculpted headtube. There’s also an integrated combination lock and a cycle computer integrated into the handlebars.

The City Storm – and Jango, the new Topeak bike – can be seen on this YouTube video about the opening day of Taipei Cycle.

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