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Crabtree's B2B website was 'star of the show' for one IBD...

Business not as usual from Crabtree

According to ‘Biro’, an IBD poster to the bulletin board, the Crabtree website demo at the Cycle & Leisure Show was the bees knees.

"By the end of the week Crabtree will have 90 percent of our biz," said Biro.

The site is B2B – business to business, one of the fastest growing areas of ecommerce (the web isn’t all about flogging books dirt cheap). It was demoed for the first time in public at the Cycle and Leisure Show.

After varius unsuccessful attempts by bulletin board readers to bypass the website’s password system, Crabtree MD Julian Pointon posted the passwords on the bulletin board.

He wrote: "There is a login created of ‘test’ with a password of ‘test321’ for anyone wishing to have a look at our site. Note it is case sensitive."


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