Cycling stars on prime-time telly tomorrow

The whole of tomorrow night's 'ScienceShack' on BBC2 is devoted to pedal power. Cuddly science-to-the-masses presenter Adam Hart-Davies - TV's best-known fluoro-clad Brompton user - interviews bike guru Mike Burrows and squeezes into the Blueyonder speed machine
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'ScienceShack' is an Open University production and is presented by Adam Hart-Davies, the cycle-loving science populariser who is becoming synonymous with programmes devoted to scientific reconstructions and history half-hours with titles such as 'What The Romans Did for Us'.

In the recently aired 'What The Victorians Did for Us', Hart-Davies gamely wobbled across screen on an Ordinary bicycle - aka 'Penny Farthing'. In tomorrow night's 'ScienceShack' he comes bang up to date by featuring the Blueyonder Challenger faired recumbent. This is the bike recently raced by Jason Queally in the British Human Power world championsips at Battle Mountain, Nevada.

Hart-Davies was allowed to sit in, but not ride, the Blueyonder Challenger. Apparently, on the day of filming there was too much wind for the recumbent to be safely ridden.

'ScienceShack' is on at 7.30pm, Tuesday, BBC2.


11th October 2001: HPV rider breaks 80 mph barrier

This news from earlier in the week has received a great deal of international media coverage but here’s some background material that hasn’t been so widely reported. Such as? Er, like a 15 year old American schoolgirl going faster than the Telewest-sponsored, Olympic champion sprinter Jason Queally. You see, it’s all down to HPV design know-how, something the British Blueyonder team chose to ignore…

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