Sugoi, the Japanese-sounding, Vancouver-based clothing manufacturer, started in a basement fifteen years ago. It is now in the process of moving into 75,000 sq. feet of renovated space in Vancouver's industrial Eastside. The company is also in the process of hiring more UK reps.

Canadian cycle clothing manufacturer expands into new building

"When you are completely vertical manufacturing operation, growing sales mean finding room for the designers, cutters, sewers, quality checkers, packers, shippers, bean counters, and service staff, who make their daily contributions," said Sugoi’s Paul Done.

The new space will allow for the integration of all Sugoi’s administrative and warehouse functions into one space, while Sugoi’s production departments will remain in the 45,000 square feet of Sugoi’s current building.

"With all this new room to breathe for all, Sugoi will be able to maintain the commitment to excellence in service and products even as it continues to grow by leaps and bounds," said Done.

"Sugoi will be able to keep the verticality of integrated design, manufacturing and marketing that gives it unique flexibility and responsivity. Once the move is completed, Sugoi will be poised; ready to grow, expand and evolve. Not just committed to making the best in technical apparel, but equally driven to back it up with the best people, services and systems possible."

The transfer of operations will start on June 1st and the renovations and move-in should be nearing completion by June 30th, "just in time for a big July 1st Canada Day party," said Done.

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