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Disney series now has its own neck warmers

Cars 2 Buff wear launched alongside movie

To coincide with the launch of the Cars 2 movie, Buff has produced a licensed neckwear garment aimed at fans of the movie series.

The design, much like all other Buffs, is a seamless tube of polyester microfibre, which can be worn in a variety of ways – from neck warmer, through hat, balaclava and much more. The garmentcomes in four orginal designs and two ‘Polar’ weaves, which are ideal for colder weather, thanks to ‘Polartec’ technology. The new line is tailored to kids aged from four to eight years of age.

All Buff headwear is treated with anti bacterial agent Polygeine, making the material ‘uninhabitable’ to bacteria.

A Dora The Explorer Buff is also now available.

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