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Thursday is D-day for Madison MBO

Decision-Day, that is. Theres an EGM at the London solictors office of H Young plc. The groups biggest shareholder doesnt want the MBO to go ahead, but its likely the other shareholders will vote with the board

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Brand new brand name index

The B3 brand name index has been cleaned and updated. Suppliers should check details and advise us ASAP of any additional agencies

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Get yourself on the FMD merry-go-round

Those bicycle businesses based in rural areas look as though they are going to get the easiest ride when it comes to rate/tax/VAT relief, but the bike trade orgs should be pressing for all affected businesses to be eligible for support

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Give bikers a break, says Brake

They'll never get into power so they can afford to be a bit more radical than the other two parties but here's how Dutch the LibDems would like us to become

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Derby may have debts, but it knows charity begins at home

In a similar vein to the Raleigh UK pledge of £50k to the BCF Challenge programme, the Derby company in the USA has just donated $10 000 to the Bicycle Council, the US cycle industry's marketing campaign to get more bums on saddles

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